Stage 1

Visual Arts: Art A

Assumed Knowledge



A level 4 or better in any unit of Year 10 Art or Year 10 Design​.

Focus Capabilities

Communication, Learning, Personal Development.

Related Subject
Subject Description

In the course students will produce resolved practical work accompanied by a practitioner’s statement, and will develop and document the creative process for these works in an A3 folio. Students will also research and investigate an area of arts  in an A3 visual study. These tasks have been designed to develop students’ artistic knowledge and skills, and enable students to learn from the broader arts community. The Stage 1 Visual Arts course has been designed to prepare students for the requirements of Stage 2 and continue to develop their skills as artists.

Students participate in a workshop run by practicing artists and attend art exhibitions, to engage with the wider artistic community. The broad area of Art includes painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, audio-visual works and or installations, ceramics, textiles, mixed media or video. They will learn to analyse other practitioners’ work and interpret works of art from different cultures and contexts. Art A and B at Stage 1 are separate courses one does not follow the other.  They can both be studied or students can elect to do either.

Students are able to focus on the area of art that interests them in both the visual study and folio.

Course Fees


Additional Costs

One A3 Folio. Course may involve attending an exhibition or event: approximately $15.00.​

Assessment Type 1:

Folio: One Folio of 20 A3 sheets documentation of their visual thinking and supports their one or two works of art.​

Assessment Type 2:

Practical: Students produce one or two Practicals one which is a resolved work and a practitioners’ statement of 250 words.

Assessment Type 3:

Visual Study: One Visual Study including research analysis and practical work between 8-12 A3 Pages/750 words/3-4 Minute oral.

Assessment Type 4:


Learning Area Map