Technology is divided in to two subject groupings, Digital Technologies (computer science subjects) and Design Technologies (materials based subjects such as woodwork, metal engineering, electronics and food & textiles).

Digital Technologies, or Computer Science subjects, are not solely about the acquisition of industry-standard skills and knowledge, they are about problem-solving and also about understanding the impact and implications of technology. 

Design Technologies are aimed at developing skills in design and construction technologies. 

Systems Technology is a compulsory subject in Year 8, where students are exposed to electronics and programming.

Students can additionally choose to do a materials-based Technology, focused on either food or wood and metal materials.

Students at Years 9 and 10 are able to choose from both Digital and Design Technologies subjects. All the Programs are a semester in length, but students may choose a number of different Programs during the year.

The IB Design Cycle is the methodology that underpins the design process in the development of products and solutions for end users. The design cycle is an iterative and cyclical process involving the following successive stages:

  • Inquiring and Analysing

  • Developing ideas

  • Creating the solution

  • Evaluating the solution

Learning Area Map

For more information about any subject listed in this learning area, please contact the coordinator (Ms Karina Rowe) with your query via the Norwood Morialta High School Website. If you are a student of the school, please use the Daymap messaging system to make contact.

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