The Arts encompasses 5 main disciplinary areas of Visual Art, Design, Drama, Media and Music and has one of the largest subject offerings at Norwood Morialta High School. Outlined below is the pathway for each of the disciplinary and overview of the content that is covered.


Visual Art includes traditional mediums, such as painting, drawing and sculpture. Students can also study Digital Art, where students utilise specialist equipment and software to produce works of art.

Design subjects enable students to experience a range of design areas including Graphic Design, Architecture and Industrial Design.

Media subjects at Norwood Morialta High School focus on Film and Visual Effects, utilising specialist audio/video recording equipment and facilities, including iMac studios.


​Students develop skills and knowledge through learning about a range of genres, theories, practices, cultures and historical styles. Our Drama students develop an appreciation for live theatre through regularly attending productions. They also perform in public Drama productions from Year 10 – 12. These are staged on the Senior Campus in the outstanding Peter Lang Performing Arts Centre.

In Stage 1 and 2, students can also study Event Management, which involves students developing skills and knowledge in the development and creation of events and productions.


​Music is offered as a full year subject from years 8 to 12. Year 8 students can choose to study the subject for a semester, to gain experience in Music, or extend their skills in a full-year course. Students may choose from a variety of instruments including woodwind, electric bass and piano. 


For more information about any subject listed in this learning area, please contact the coordinator (Mr James Almond) with your query using the form below. If you are a student at Norwood Morialta High School, please use the Daymap messaging system to make contact.

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